Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Before you exclaim, “Oh no! Not another design blog!” let me briefly put your mind at ease. This is NOT a blog. Nor is it another archizine or online journal. It’s probably closest to a digital pamphlet, but to tell you the truth, we don’t really know what it is yet.

All we do know is that we are a community of designers and thinkers interested in having short, quick discussions on contemporary issues related to architecture, urban design, art, media, and their tangential disciplines. We don’t really know where these discourses will lead, but we do know that they will be diverse. They will probably be shorter than 1000 words. And, who knows, they might even include a few images. The point is that we’re excited to be here; amidst the sea of anxieties about uncertain futures, global crises, and all around chaos.

The name, afterstate, is curious in itself. We’re leaving it vague, but it could be seen as a collapsing of various perspectives on the contemporary condition. We can talk about afterimages, those lingering prints of significant images in our retinas. “After” could be synonymous with “post,” in which case we’ll have to open up historical dialogues. “State” can refer to nation-states, changing states, states of matter, or even just the state of things.

Afterstate is fundamentally a project on the present. Our weekly discussions will take various forms: reviews, editorials, opinions, manifestos, fictions, cartoons. We will pose the question: what is the role of an expanded opinion in the world of posts, status updates, and tweets? Is the medium really the message? Can we inhabit a world between the Academy and pop culture? Let’s see what happens.